A Little Bit About Us…

Energy saving by greening your home

Who are we?

Green Energy Scotland has grown from a small group of enthusiasts into a professional organisation focused on delivering a reduction in carbon emissions and lowering energy consumption and increasing efficiency for households and businesses across Scotland and beyond.

Our interest and passion in the Green sector and economy is manifested in a number of ways, including, though not exclusive to, through our blog and news feed with up to date information on the latest events concerning technology, investment in the Green sector and national and local policy which affects us all.

Our great strength is our willingness and eagerness to learn and improve at every opportunity, a strong team mentality and absolute focus on the task at hand.

What we do?

We offering consulting and the installation and management of energy products. The list of products is not exclusive and includes:

  • Insulation
  • Heating Systems
  • Renewables

From a consulting perspective we offer assistance in reducing energy consumption, feasibility studies and energy reports in accordance with legislation for both domestic and commercial buildings.

A Bit More About Us…

The Green Economy

As the name suggest Green Energy Scotland is a Green Energy organisation and we operate at present exclusively in Scotland. To help establish exactly what a Green Energy company is and does we have used a few sources to help explain some of the aspects of the ‘Green Economy’ and ‘Green technology’ that we deal with on a daily basis.

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme the Green Economy can be defined as:

“one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon,resource efficient and socially inclusive”

Further to this we may add that it is an economic forum relating to the reduction of Green House Gas Emissions, the proliferation of Green Technology and Micro and Macro level energy production by means new and greener technology. This includes though is not exclusive to Government Policy, Household energy consumption, multinational projects and private investment.

The idea of equity is seldom thought of when we consider a Green Economy though it is a very important part of the process in changing to cleaner fuels. Very often economic and technological growth is enjoyed firstly and predominantly by the wealthiest in society.

The great opportunity we have with the move to a Green Economy, one of more efficient use of resources and of ever decreasing costs of energy production will be that the benefits should be distributed more equitably. Taking Scotland as an example, this should have a positive impact in reducing fuel poverty.

Where do we fit in?

Right now we are developing a platform with greater accessibility for clients and people generally interested in our work or the topics we cover. Though this has always existed from our very inception, we have grown organically from originally offering only energy advice to private customers to being able to offer advice, help and expertise on a far broader scale.

With the increase in coverage and scope along with the improved expertise that comes from hands on experience and dedication to continuous development are presence in the market has naturally increased.

We now offer installation services for renewables, home heating solutions, insulation for every part of the building to both domestic and commercial premises. The growth of the network has accelerated our expansion into other facets of the Green Economy. This we believe will thrust us into ever more projects of increasing scale and importance.

Private organisations in a country like Scotland have an important role to play in the delivery of Green products and in the transition to the Green Economy. Economies of scale and scope which we as well as the end customer gains from positive externalities like the proliferation of heating systems like heat pumps, solar panels and biomass boilers will mean that the support network and interest in these products is always growing.

Today we are a dedicated Green Energy company, in the years to come we will become a household name recognised for expertise and excellence.

Growth and change to a Green Economy

We are well aware that a transfer from dirty fuel to clean renewable energy is not a straightforward task. We are regularly frustrated both with the inertia of government and supranational organisations to offer a framework with sufficient power and impulse to deliver on Green reform. Nothing good comes cheaply or easily though. Through rigorous debate, technology development and education the process is one destined for success.

As can be deciphered from the paragraph above, we recognise the role of government in bringing about change towards a Green Economy. Depending on the size of government in a given state, this contribution can have varying sizes of course though through legislation and importantly of accepting scientific fact we believe that Government has a critical role to play.

Massive amounts of investment and education are required in order to get everyone pulling in the same direction. The fact that governments unlike citizens have different objectives and obligations the role of the state becomes clear especially when we consider that the change to the Green Economy will happen over a number of years and not overnight. Large infrastructure changes are required, technological progress and cooperation with stakeholders and international partners is key to achieving the final objective.

We keep a close eye on legislation affecting the proliferation and enhancement/detriment of the Green Economy. We report on this, give opinion and allow for discussion. We do like to be challenged and when it comes to politics, the budget and distribution of resources the debate be very stimulating. We hope to offer excellent insight into the effects of legislative change on the Green Economy and the end users.

Where are we today?

The transfer to the Green Economy in actual fact is an inevitability rather than an outlier movement of eccentrics. By definition finite resources of fuel like oil, coal and gas are on the way out. We can only use them so much and sooner or later they will no longer be available to us. The question is, should we allow them to be exhausted?

Gas is recognised as the cleaner form of fuel to be burned. This is still a Green House gas, mostly in the form of CO2 which is produced in the combustion process in natural gas fired household heating systems. Electric systems, though improving all the time, for the large part are actually dirtier than gas as a main household full. This of course seems counter intuitive, though we must consider the whole process when we try to way up the pros and cons from an environmental point of view.

In Scotland at the moment electricity to power direct acting heaters, heat pumps and storage heaters are largely supported by an infrastructure of dirty electricity plants burning coal and oil to produce electricity.

The Green economy has taken a number of hits in the United Kingdom with the withdrawal of a number of schemes and support for larger scale projects including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and the Green Deal.

With every challenge there is an opportunity however. We agree that the government has a very important role to play in reducing the carbon footprint though they are not the only player in the market. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the big change to Green Energy and we want to be at the forefront of it.

There is a plethora of different steps that people can take to take part in the great shift to the Green side. Each on his own has different capabilities, living in a free market economy we do not all have access to the resources required to make an equal difference for the good. We do all have a role to play though.

At Green Energy Scotland we provide a forum for the exchange of expertise, particularly practical expertise that everyone can use. If you don’t agree with us, then tell us. Tell us all you want. This is how we get better. The more problems you find with our service and or the information on our blogs and newsfeeds the better we become at our jobs. We are in it for the long haul. We want everyone on the planet to contribute to our forum. Especially if you take issue with what we are doing!

We do not stop there. We have invested a lot of time, sleepless nights and long days to create Green Energy Scotland on a non-existent start up budget. Over the past two years we have started from writing on the Green Economy as a hobby to starting an energy survey business, gaining accreditation as a Green Deal Assessor Organisation, achieving recognition as an approved installer for wall insulation, floor insulation, loft insulation, heating controls, condensing gas boilers and biomass boilers.

We have project managed the installation of numerous measures over the last year we plan to continue this growth into 2016 and beyond.

Our staff and associates are highly driven and ambitious. We have a variety of professional and academic backgrounds and tirelessly strive to improve and perfect both our own abilities but also the service we provide at every level.

We see training and personal progression as a key component of the growth strategy of the organisation. Staff can expect to and be expected to participate in continual training for their own personal growth and also to assist clients to an ever increasing standard.

Where do we go from here?

Green Energy Scotland Limited is committed to the transfer to a greener economy, a cleaner environment and energy security for people everywhere.

This is a grand plan, though with every grand plan there are small steps to be taken in the process and we see our role as one in which through discussion, debate, promotion as well as physical installation, projects and action we can make a contribution to this goal.

With every challenge there is an opportunity however. We agree that the government has a very important role to play in reducing the carbon footprint though they are not the only player in the market. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the big change to Green Energy and we want to be at the forefront of it.

We have invested a lot of time, sleepless nights and long days to create Green Energy Scotland on a non-existent startup budget. Each year we start off with a plan. It is a reflection of our ambition, tempered by experience of both success and failure. Each year the plan is more refined and the targets are greater.

In 2016 we aim to engage experts particularly in the field of renewable technology. On a micro level we aim to offer a full diagnosis of the technology on the market and an analysis of where the market is going.

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