An Interview with Environmentalist and Green Blogger Anders Lorenzen

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Posted on by Conor MacGuire

Today, we had an interview session with Mr. Anders Lorenzen  who is a green blogger and environmental activist. He is a regular contributor at Huffington Post UK and also founder of environmental blog “A Greener Life, a Greener World” where he covers a wide range of global environment issues.

And here’s the conversation:

Q1: Where do you see the greatest challenge to the global warming crisis and in what way should this be faced?

Anders Lorenzen: We need to make further investments in fossil fuels uneconomic and make investments in clean energy cheaper. While I believe that grid parity is moving closer by the day, the best way to do this quickly would be to implement a carbon tax, but it would have to be global and with a high enough carbon floor price. Another challenge is fossil fuel subsidies, which we urgently need to phase out. However, unfortunately, I think we’re still some way off having political backing for these.

Q2: The UK government has cut funding for a number of projects, including the Green Deal, land wind farms and the planned CCS projects, has Britain fallen behind its partners in efforts to reduce carbon emissions? 

Anders Lorenzen: What the UK government has done on it’s green initiatives is a disaster and they urgently need to do something to retain just a little bit of credibility. I believe their moves is based entirely on ideology as financially it does not make sense to block our cheapest form of new any energy source in onshore wind.

Q3: What would you consider to be the best hope of achieving carbon emissions reduction targets? 

Anders Lorenzen:A price on carbon.

Q4: What role do you feel the government and the private sector have to play, both separately and in conjunction with one another? 

Anders Lorenzen: The private sector has a huge role to play, but we have to guide them in the right direction, we have to do that with right regulation. At the moment our government does not do that. They are penalising clean energy companies while handing out one tax break after another to the fossil fuel industry. Many companies have stepped up to the plate, but too many aren’t, if we installed the right policies they would be forced to. We have to create long term investor confidence in the clean energy and clean tech industry.

Q5: Have you been impressed by any project in particular which aims to reduce our carbon footprint?

Anders Lorenzen: I think there are many impressive projects and technologies outthere, both new and old. I’m particular excited by the tidal energy projects being developed in the UK at the moment. I’m also desperate for wave power to take off, but we’re still some time away from that. This summer I visited a pioneering wave energy project in Denmark, and I’m following the progress closely. I expect in the next 5-10 years we will see some significant developments in this field.

We sometimes forget about the huge importance of energy efficiency, an increased investments has the potential to cut our energy bills drastically and thereby reduce our carbon emissions.

Q6: What role do individuals play in the fight against global warming?  

Anders Lorenzen:We as individuals all have a role to play. There are many things we can do. Tell your friends and families about climate change, share articles (like this one) on social media. Invest in renewable energy and efficiency technologies. Look at where you buy stuff from, buy as much local as possible. Encourage your employeer or university to play a role in tackling climate change. Volunteer with organisations working to combat climate change. Choose a career path where you work on climate change issues and renewable energy. Source your gas and electricty from a green energy provide.

Q7: There are a number of high profile climate change deniers, an example of this being Piers Corbyn, brother of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a known supporter of Green Technology, who appeared on This Week gaining widespread publicity for his views. Public awareness and collective effort will surely play a role in combating climate change, what evidence can be used to counter climate change denial claims? 

Anders Lorenzen: Yes you’re right there are several climate deniers outthere, but I believe they’re a dying breed. There are less and less of them. I too happened to see Piers Corbyn on This Week and I was outraged that the BBC gave him airtime. Mainstream media organisations needs to understand that the science is settled and should no longer discuss the reality of man-made climate change. But the best thing you can do is to not engage with climate deniers, if you ignore them they will be silenced. They want you to engage with them and make you angry, that is their aim. You should not waste your time to engage with dinosaur views.

Q8: Are you confident that legally binding and significant plans for action can be achieved and more importantly actioned as a result of the Paris summit? 

Anders Lorenzen: I was and I’m very pleased that a deal was struck. It is not a perfect deal and it is not as binding that we could have hoped, but it is a good beginning, now we must build on it. It was a historic moment, for the first time ever the world have agreed a global deal to combat climate change. I expect it will have a very positive effect on clean energy investments across the world and the formation of new climate change policies.

Hope you like the interview session with Anders Lorenzen. If you have any suggestion we would love to have that in our comment section.

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