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Government to Cut Tax Relief for Community Green Energy Schemes

Treasury unexpectedly axes incentive for building new renewable energy sources, on top of previously announced subsidy cuts. The government plans to cut tax reliefs for community energy schemes to build new renewable power capacity such as solar and wind in … Continue reading

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Why Choose LED Lighting Over other Lighting Technologies?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a solid-state light source that emits light from electron movements in the diode once voltage is applied. In general terms – it is the best thing since salted caramel tart. LED technology has fuelled rapid … Continue reading

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Energy Efficiency Reaches New Heights: The Rooftop Garden

France has recently implemented a new law that requires all new commercial buildings to either have solar panels or a roof garden partially covering the roof. While it’s not the first country to implement this kind of law, (Canada and … Continue reading

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Much Talked Myths About Renewable Energy

In the ever growing transitional world, we find ourselves hovering between two ages: a time dependent on fossil fuels and a future subjugated by renewable energy sources. Yet not everyone is sold on the same vision. Opinions vary not only … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Guide to Renewable Energy

The article is original Published at: Sun, wind and water are the three most common renewable sources. They have a record of being incredible and help in keeping the environment clean. Compared to traditional power sources like coal and … Continue reading

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