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Heating the home is one of the more expensive exercise for households across Scotland. We all like to come home to a nice warm home, especially in the winter time…or generally speaking most of the time, since if it’s not snowing or freezing outside, the wind will be knocking you off your feet and the rain will be battering everything from every angle making umbrellas almost redundant in this country.

In any case, heating can be expensive is the main point here. There are a number of ways the home is heated:



  • Central heating
  • Electric room heaters
  • Open fire place
  • Wood log burner

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Today gas central heating is the most common form of heating in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. Central heating of some format is usually the norm off the gas grid as well with other fuels such as biomass, oil or LPG replacing mains supplied natural gas. Other common heating particularly on the Scottish Islands is electrical heating often in the form of storage heaters.

As a gas safe registered company we can offer support for all central heating issues in the home. We also have a network of qualified and experienced engineers who can assist you in any issues you may have with your heating or associated plumbing including.

So whether it be biomass central heating or electrical storage heating, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will do our very best to assist you in whichever way we can.

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