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Are you eligible for home insulation, new energy efficient boiler, energy efficient glazing and other such energy efficient installations at no upfront cost?

The Green Deal is aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving without compromising your standards of living. It helps homeowners equip their living space with power and heating usage while reducing the cost of heating by adopting eco-friendly measures.

If You Live in Edinburgh, Call Green Energy Scotland Today

We are Green Deal assessors and installers in Edinburgh, who can assist you in lowering the cost of your energy bills. We will assess your property and advise next steps on your way to energy efficient home.

We access all properties on individual basis to create the best energy solutions. After our Green Deal and EPC assessment in Edinburgh, homeowners can get the following types of green deal technologies installed at home:

  • New gas boiler
  • Loft insulation
  • Draught insulation
  • Double glazing
  • Wall insulation
  • Under floor insulation
  • Solar power panels

Who Are Eligible For Green Deal Scheme

All privately owned or rented properties are eligible for Green Deal Scheme. It is however important that the landlord gives full consent to start work for rented properties. The moment both parties (tenants and landlords) agree upon the Green Deal, the process can begin.

How Do We Operate?

Homeowners who want energy saving measures fitted in their homes at no up-front costs should contact Green Energy Scotland in order to arrange a Green Deal, EPC and RHI Assessment. Our assessor in Edinburgh will carry out the assessment and agree on energy saving measures with the applicant.

Assessment with agreed energy saving measures is discussed with green deal finance providers. Upon approval a Green Deal installer in Edinburgh completes the work within 12 weeks.

If you want to understand the concept in-depth, you can gain knowledge from our Green Deal experts. Just write to us or fill out our enquiry form, and within the next 24 hours, you should have answers to all questions.

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