The Green Deal Review

The Green Deal is a program which allows you to install energy efficiency measures (EEM), to reduce your energy bills as well as reducing your carbon emissions in the process and spread the cost of the install over a period of time.

What this means in practice is that when you install any measure under the Green Deal, all or part of the cost, will be paid off over time through your electricity bill.

Though this sounds like an ordinary loan you could get anywhere, the difference with a Green Deal Plan is that the loan is tied to the property in which the energy efficiency measure has been installed. The credit check criteria is generally lighter than for a normal loan as well making the Green Deal far more accessible for many people than an ordinary loan would be.

Only approved Green Deal Measures and Products can be installed under the Green Deal, which include:

–       Wall, floor and loft insulation

–       High performance glazing

–       High efficiency boilers/heating systems

You may also consider renewable technology including:

–       Renewable Heat technology

–       Solar PV

–       Wind turbine

You can install just one measure, like a new boiler, or even combine a number of measures into your Green Deal Plan. The Green Deal Plan is the official document which details what measures you are installing, all warranties and guarantees as well as the payment terms.

The Green Deal is designed to combine a multitude of measures to offer a whole house approach to reducing your energy bills and improving comfort levels.

Have a look through the following pages to find out more about the Green Deal and how it could benefit you. Green Energy Scotland Limited is an official Green Deal Assessor Organisation (GDAO) and Installer, we aim to provide clear and concise information. If you have any questions regarding the Green Deal then please send your question using our contact form to us and we will be happy to answer.

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