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DECC Approved Green DealHold on to your hat, the Green Deal Assessment Report requires a bit of explaining. It is made up of two components, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and the Occupancy Assessment (OA). An EPC has been around for a while, the OA component of the GDAR was introduced later in conjunction with the introduction of the Green Deal scheme.

The Green Deal was brought to a close by the conservative government in July 2015 by the energy secretary Amber Rudd, due to the fact that it was “not a good use of tax payer money”

It was introduced by the coalition government in 2013, having been planned to enter existence in 2012. The idea was to offer a mechanism for able to pay customers to access finance to pay for energy efficient measures (EEM) over a period of time. This would avoid upfront costs and allow for any costs associated with the repayment of the load to be offset by the inevitable savings in the fact that the property is far more energy efficient and the costs of heating the home would be significantly lower.

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ECO stands for the Energy Company Obligation. It obliges the large energy companies to meet carbon reduction and fuel poverty reduction targets over a given period of time. In the daily mail these are often referred to Green Taxes.

Problems with the Green Deal

Where do we begin? The Green Deal in essence was not a bad idea, though it was really any different to a loan available to most people through traditional routes.

A Green Deal assessment is the first step for consumers to enter into a Green Deal plan, and can only be carried out by an authorized Green Deal Assessor. Following the Green Deal Assessment visit, a Green Deal Advice Report is produced which outlines the energy efficiency measures that can form a basis for the Green Deal Improvement Package. A qualified Green Deal Advisor will make recommendations for measures that could improve the energy efficiency of the building and will have the technical knowledge, practical competence and skills to provide consumers with the advice they need in order to make informed decisions.

  • The assessor will produce a Green Deal advice report. This is made up of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which ranks your home’s energy efficiency on a scale of A to G, and an Occupancy Assessment, which assesses how you use energy in your home.
  • To make the assessment the assessor may ask questions including how many people live in your home, what energy efficient measures are already installed and whether your home is in a conservation area or built in a non-traditional way.

Once the assessment has been completed and lodged this can be taken to a Green Deal Provider to discuss what work is right for you. They can then arrange for any work to be done. You can get quotes from as many providers as you like – you don’t have to choose all, or any, of their recommendations.

In order to be eligible for the Cashback scheme you must apply for and receive your Cashback voucher before you start any work if you want to use the Cashback scheme. If you want home energy assessment for your home in Scotland then we can do a better energy assessment of you home.

We are Certified Green Deal Installers & Providers in Scotland

Green Deal Installers in Scotland

In tune with your Green Deal Advice report, Green Deal Installers will carry out the installation of all necessary measures. Green Deal Installers in Scotland need to be PAS2030 certified so as to be legally qualified to supervise green energy contracts. While many Green Deal Providers assist their clients by providing Green Deal Installers, it is entirely up to the latter to decide on whether they wish to hire independent experts or not. You should make sure that the Green Deal Installer you are working with is PAS2030 certified, thoroughly understands the Green Deal scheme and can carry out all necessary installations.

Green Deal Providers in Scotland

It’s your selected Green Deal Provider who is responsible for preparing a plan for your dwelling. Green Deal Providers work in accordance with the recommendations made available by the Green Deal Advisor. The latter narrates the recommendations in a document called the Green Deal Advice Report. A Green Deal Provider also assists its clients in determining the loan amount and repayment schedule. Green Deal Providers advise you on all related processes and also work with Green Deal Installers so as to carry out the necessary installations.

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“The cost for assessment depends on the size of the property and location. This cost covers the Energy Performance Certificate and the Occupancy Assessment.”

Exemplary questions regarding your property that our assessor may ask while visiting your property

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