Six Steps to the Green Deal

You’ve heard about the Green Deal on the radio, in the paper or from a friend. It sounds interesting though you’re not exactly sure what the whole process is. Not to worry! We have broken down the Green Deal process for you into 6 simple steps.

Let’s take a quick run through of what a typical start to finish Green Deal Plan would look like

If you are thinking about contacting a Green Deal Assessor Organisation (GDAO) to arrange a Green Deal Assessment you are most likely not happy with the fact that too much money is leaving your pocket each month on large energy bills, your home is freezing at the best of times or your heating system has just packed in!

In all cases the first thing you do is:

1)     Contact an official Green Deal Assessor Organisation

When you contact a GDAO they may ask you a number of questions about your property. This is in preparation for a visit by a qualified advisor. The price will be agreed prior to a visit and full confirmation of the date, time, price and expected outcomes of the assessment are sent to you by email.

Once this has been arranged, the next thing is:

2)     The assessment

The advisor will arrive, introduce him or herself and explain the process of the assessment. This will also have been detailed to you in your confirmation email prior to the visit.

The advisor will begin by assessing the state of the property from an energy perspective. This will involve taking measurements, recording data on wall construction, window type and heating system to name but a few.

The time it take to complete this process will depend on the size of the property and the ease with which the advisor can access all the required parts of the property to complete the assessment.

Once this has been complete the advisor will ask a number of questions relating to your energy use and will ask to see any energy bills which are available. If you do not have the energy bills for whatever reason the assessment will still be completed though having the bills ready for at least 12 months’ worth of supply will ensure the assessment is accurate as possible. Get detailed information on the Green Deal Assessment page.

At this stage you may wish to ask the advisor any questions concerning the assessment, the reports or any other aspect of the visit or indeed the Green Deal as a whole.

Once the advisor has completed the assessment the next thing you can expect is:

3)     The reports

Each Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) consists of two components:

a)    The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

b)    An Occupancy Assessment (OA)

Each of these contain information which together make the complete GDAR. The GDAR will detail what the expected savings you can expect based on the information collected on site by the advisor as well as any information that you have provided.

The final part of the report contains your selected list of improvement measures and the associated expected saving.

Once you have your reports the next stage of the process is to:

4)     Contact a provider/Get a quote

The assessment you now have can be taken to any provider you wish. The list of providers and installers in your area can be found here.

All Green Deal Assessments must be independent, you do not have to accept the first quote you are given, even if it comes from the same company through whom you had an assessment done.

Your quote will detail the cost to you, including the interest rate being charged, the cost of setting up the Green deal Plan as well as the cost of the actual install itself.

Once you are happy with a quote you have been given the provider you have gone through will:

5)      Arrange Install

You are given the standard 14 day cooling off period once you agree to a Green Deal Plan proposal.

After this the install will take place. Upon completion of the install, you will be asked to sign off on any work which has been carried out, to ensure that you are satisfied with the work.

All guarantee’s and warranties are detailed in your Green Deal Plan pack.

6)     Begin repayments

After completion of work and sign off, you will begin the repayment process as explained in the Green Deal Plan. The exact amount to be taken off will be detailed to you. This takes the form similar to a standing charge.

Your electricity supplier will collect Green Deal repayments. This means you can switch provider at any time, as they will all carry out the same function.


So there you have it in 6 simple steps. You’ve gone from freezing cold property and high energy bills to a warm and cosy house.

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of the Green Deal please contact us here  and we will get back to you.


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