What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is a form of energy, obtained from natural resources, such as – wind, sunlight, tides, rain, geothermal heat and various forms of biomass – which can be constantly replenished.


Unlike finite fossil fuel sources, renewable energy sources are essentially inexhaustible. The different types of renewable energy technologies include:

  • Solar energy
  • Marine energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Bioenergy
  • Geothermal energy

There are various renewable energy technologies, which include hybrid and related technologies. These are effectively used for:

  • Storing energy generated through renewable energy
  • For predicting renewable energy supply
  • Assisting in efficient delivery of energy generated by means of renewable energy technologies to energy consumers

Uses of Renewable Energy

There are many options of using renewable energy at residential or commercial spaces.

Most common form of renewable energy comes from sunlight or solar energy. One can get solar panels installed in residential and commercial spaces where sunlight is available in plenty.

Other places where wind is in abundance may raise wind turbines to generate renewable energy. The energy thus gotten can be used for pumping water and or for charging sailboat battery.

Biomass is another very popular renewable energy source. It is used for producing electricity and also used as a transportation fuel. The use of biomass as a renewable form of energy is commonly known as bioenergy.

Uses of Renewable Energy

Hydrogen, a common element found in various organic compounds, is the most abundant element on Earth. But it does not occur naturally and is always combined with other elements. However, if used separately, Hydrogen can be burned in the form of fuel or efficiently converted into electricity.

Geothermal energy on the other hand, taps the internal heat of the Earth for a variety of uses, including cooling and heating of buildings and electric power production.

Marine energy is yet another very important renewable form of energy. It comes from a variety of sources including tidal energy and energy generated from the ocean’s waves, driven from both tides and winds.

Some Essential Renewable Energy Tips

  • Installing solar powered pathway lights is the most convenient way to use solar energy at home.
  • Building a new structure is the best time to design the building in a way so as to exploit maximum advantage of sun’s rays.
  • Installing small wind turbines is a great way to supply self-generated electricity to a residential structure.

Entirely switching to the use of renewable energy may still seem a great distance ahead of us, but making the few savings we can, will let the energy reserves of the Earth last for a few more years.

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